WEBSITE: Lost From The Start

In January 2017, the band officially launched as "Lost From The Start" with a first single and music video for "Nostalgic For Disaster" and in March 2017 they introduced their first EP "Echo Avenue".

Ofcourse a cool band needs an equally cool website... And i got the chance to make it!

The site is still under construction but you can already check it out.

Website LFTS

WEBSITE: accountancy Alda Craeghs

This friendly accountant asked me to make her a website. She already had a logo and color-scheme which I tried to use in the website.

The result is a nice and clean webite.

Be sure to take a look!

Website Alda Craeghs

WEBSITE: Drooom architects

For this project I was asked to give a website a make-over and make it mobile friendly. They gave me Photoshop-files and I translated them to HTML and CSS.

I also cleaned up the site's code and fixed the broken price calculator.

By now the original team behind this site has made a lot of new changes, but the core is still the same.

Website Drooom


This website is the first one I ever made. The judo club, where I am a teacher, didn't have a website yet. So they asked me to make one.

I figured out a a whole theme for the judo club. If you look at the posters and flyers I made, you can see they use the same kind of design.

Be sure to take a look at their site!

Website JC Zelem

International youth judo tournament

This tournament was organized by Judo Club Zelem.

Designing the posters, flyers, entrance tickets and advertisements for sponsors was my job.

Trophy collection Warming up Ticket Tournament Frontpage tournament magazine example design sponsors example design sponsors 2 example design sponsors 3 example design sponsors 4

Media design judo

Every year Judo Club Zelem needs a few posters, flyers, banners, ...

Below you can take a look at a few of them I created throughout the years.

Diploma stage Ilias Iliadis Diploma stage Ilias Iliadis Diploma stage Ilias Iliadis Diploma stage Ilias Iliadis Diploma stage Ilias Iliadis Diploma stage Ilias Iliadis

Martial Spirits

The first event where I was asked to design the advertisements and tickets. Since then I was able to grow and sharpen my skills.

Affiche Affiche G-sport stage Affiche stage Sfeerbeeld Chinese draken cover folder voorbeeld inhoud folder Ontwerp tickets Sfeerbeeld judo

Xmos Spectrum college Beringen

In Belgium, it is a tradition for the last years in high school to organize a show for the other students.

Back in the day I was chosen to be the one in charge of the organisation and props.

logo Xmos sfeerbeeld Xmos Ontwerp shirt Xmos sfeerbeeld 2 Xmos poster Xmos